Reinvent Targeting

„I just want to see what fits me!“

STYLE IQ technology enhances retailers’ AI algorithms by reading facial features, allowing a high level of personalization that goes beyond user’s historic shopping or browsing patterns.

Core Benefits

Increase Conversions

Enhancing your AI, STYLE IQ increases CR and reduces returns

Integrate Painless

Automized integration of your PLM with our StyleIQ API

Excite Customers

A refreshingly new and fun approach to product hunt


Our Solutions

Embedded into apparel e-commerce sites the STYLE IQ technology enables visitors to provide a selfie for instantly matching products that will fit their individual complexion. Facial features get quickly analyzed in the background and the visitor’s unique color signature applied against the current stock of that particular shop resulting in the best matching products to be suggested only moments later. Visitors appreciate the built-in virtual shopping assistant presenting best matches in real time which will affect CR, customer loyalty and result in reduced product returns.

Capturing your customer’s facial features is essential for making meaningful product suggestions. StyleIQ eliminates the guess work and provides a professional facts-based approach that is great fun for users.


Acting like an experienced shopping consultant, the software performs a professional color analysis and matches the result with product from your inventory system.


Perfectly matching product is displayed to the particular user within the blink on an eye! Your millennial audience in particular will appreciate your decluttered suggestions sparing them to scroll through endless product that ultimately doesn’t fit them.

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